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“In June, 2014, I first began juicing. Within the first month, I drastically reduced my high sugar consumption to almost total elimination. I vigilantly maintained that for one year. June, 2015, a little more sugar crept in. As the months went on, though I kept juicing, sugar got more of a foothold. The holidays were tougher to get thru. By the end of this winter, I had stopped juicing and was back in the sugar bowl. Oddest thing. In the past, sugar had been ‘helpful.’ Calming, rewarding and something I used to manage my energy. For decades, I used sugar for energy and reward. After juicing for about 20 months, going back to sugar wreaked havoc with my system. Before, it had been calming. This time, I got agitated, cranky, hyper, restless and had no peace. Pleasure/reward wasn’t there longer than a few seconds. The good things I’ve been doing since June, 2014 appear to be stronger than the decades of poor habits. Though there’s been tension to get off the path since last June, that one faithful year of juicing and eliminating most sugar/caffeine has given me tremendous strength to overcome decades of a sugar addiction.” Judy D

Sarah, thanks for you comment and congrats on ordering your juicer and deciding to start a juice fast! You can have between 4-6 juices per day with each being around 16-20 ounces. I find it best to enjoy a juice whenever you feel hungry. Let your body tell you when to have a juice and it will do amazing things for you! I’ll be here if you have any questions Sarah.

Eat at least 1200 calories daily. Consuming less than 1200 calories daily, especially for more than a few days, is not a safe or healthy way to lose weight.[14] Ensure that whatever juicing diet or plan you choose, that you’re able to consume adequate calories daily.

With all of those benefits, how could you NOT want to start juicing?! If you need more inspiration, check out the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead streaming live on Netflix. It will be all the inspiration you need!

Hi. I juiced for 7 days and I lost 4kgs (I think you call that 8 pounds) I cannot believe it. I still dont actually believe it. People have been commenting on my skin and I’ve been told by my nanny and my husband that I’m looking younger (might be my energy is up?) I noticed the following benefits:

My first thought was to include it all in my blog, but I quickly realized I needed a custom solution to help teach you how to lose weight with juicing, so… I created a juicing for weight loss program for people who are looking to lose weight with juicing the right way without wasting time!

Misty, right here at JOJ is where you get good juicing recipes! Start out here: http://www.justonjuice.com/7-day-juice-fast-plan/ This will have a plan along with recipes and a shopping list for you. After that you can take a look at the recipe section: http://www.justonjuice.com/juicing-recipes/

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I am starting my juice fast on Monday 6th jan. I have a chronic condition like Joe called Chronic Urticaria. Only my condition is triggered by cold temperatures. (Cold Urticaria). I have been looking for answers to help with my condition and Fat sick and Nearly dead film has inspired me to give this a go.

really enjoy you site. we started out with the 30 day challenge some months ago. didn’t have any idea how to start. visited several sites , none compare to what you offer. haven’t commented on here before, or any site for that matter, but as much as we “use” your services, thought i’d take the time and brag on you. Jerry

First thing’s first: Juice cleansing is a “detox” diet that can last from a few days to several weeks in which a person consumes only fruit and vegetable juices to obtain nutrition while otherwise abstaining from eating food. Many people swear by cleanses and report an improvement to their health, mood, and appearance. The scientific community, however, is less than enthusiastic about juice cleanses—many scientists, dietitians, and doctors regard detox diets as less effective than fasting with water, and, therefore, a waste of money. That said, if you’re going to do one anyway, we recommend consulting with your doctor—or at the very least going along with an “official” juice cleanse program. Simply drinking any ol’ juice from anywhere around town is not a good idea.

This link is very helpful to me. The combination of fruits and vegetables are tasteful & encouraging. My exercise regime is walking 3 miles 3 times a week. Spinning 2 times a week. My plan is loose 30 lbs. I will be reading this website for continuous encouragement & chats.

Find Below a comprehensive round-up of the most recommended Juicing Recipes for Quick Weight Loss from extrawellness.net.  I will like to stress that these Juicing recipes have been tested by our team here and many others with fantastic results such as people losing up to 10 pounds in just two weeks of juicing!

Remember that the best weight-loss plan helps you achieve balance and moderation with a wide variety of foods that you enjoy and can stick with eating for the long term. Juicing may result in some weight loss, but it’s a crash diet at best.

Juice the apples, cucumber, celery and spinach. Pour into blender, then add ice and Beyond Greens. Blend for about 1 minute or until smooth. If you use mixed green leaves instead of Beyond Greens, simply juice these along with the other ingredients and then add the ice.

“I felt a boost of energy and lost 4 pounds. I didn’t have that much to lose, but the increased energy was a huge benefit. I just turned 55 years old, and feel better than I did in my 20’s and 30’s. Eating the way you suggest and adding juice to the day is the ticket to feeling great. We don’t have to buy the lie that we’re just going to feel bad when we age. We can choose to live with vitality as long as we follow God’s principals that you put forth in your program.”  —Karen

Weigh yourself. It’s important to track your weight on any diet or weight loss plan. This will help you record your progress and give you insight into how effective or ineffective a juice diet is for you.

The main benefit offered by a fast, to those who wish to lose weight, is the speed of the weight loss. To see a person drop 30-to-40 pounds on a 30-day juice fast is to see a person totally transform his life. Self-esteem is given a boost and for the first time in their life, discipline becomes a lifestyle. The fast becomes a catalyst for a total life overhaul. People start dressing better, showing more confidence, becoming more organized, more dedicated in relationships and more at peace.

Fiber, for instance, which helps you feel full and slows the digestive process and moderates your blood-sugar levels. And many essential amino acids (proteins), which you can only get through food sources. And fat-soluble vitamins, which need to be digested along with fat in order to be effectively metabolized. Plus other important things that keep your body ticking along normally.

Hey donnie i am doing a three month weight loss program at my work and want to lose 30lbs not only for the challenge but for my own personal gain to become slimmer and healthier. My question is that if i start my two weeks of juicing now will i potentially gain the weight back by the time the three months are up or do u recommend waiting till the last two weeks of the challenge? I appreciate the time you take to answer my question and the website u have provided!

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  1. Drinking pomegranate juice is a healthy alternative to unhealthy beverages loaded with sugar, such as soft drinks. Pomegranate juice is a flavorful alternative that can help you consume fewer calories than you would while drinking a sugary beverage, resulting in some weight loss. If you don’t care to drink pomegranate juice plain, add some to seltzer or plain water with ice.
    2. Your blood sugar levels go up a bit higher than they normally do. That’s in part because of the extra sugar, and also because you’re not eating other macronutrients such as fiber and protein that help slow your digestion down and moderate your blood-sugar levels.
    Based just outside Chicago, Meg Campbell has worked in the fitness industry since 1997. She’s been writing health-related articles since 2010, focusing primarily on diet and nutrition. Campbell divides her time between her hometown and Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Ali, I would suggest drinking plenty of water immediately after you consume a juice. This will help dilute it some. If you’re still having trouble try removing the orange completely or replacing it with another granny smith. If this still doesn’t help then try removing the lemon and see if you have better results. Keep me posted!

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