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Hi! I’m thinking about starting juicing. 3 years ago I got really sick and was put on a crazy amount of steroids. I put on 90 lbs in 3 months. I really need to lose the weight for health issues. I’m worried about juicing because I don’t like fruits and veggies and I am worried I won’t like the flavor. Any suggestions to get started for people with picky taste? Thanks!

I’m on day 5 of juicing fast, I had a really tough day yesterday and nearly caved…! I’ve done them before but my daughter was on hols with grandparents and my son wasn’t born. This time has been very tough preparing and feeding the kids. Does anyone have any advice please?

Juicing also allows you to consume much more fruit and vegetables (but be careful of putting too much fruit in your diet) than you would typically do in a regular diet. It also helps to suppress hunger pangs, which mean you can avoid succumbing to unhealthy foods that go straight to your waistline.

If everything is ok with your doctor, it’s definitely for you. The workout plan is so detailed that I believe you could pick up your first dumbbells and be able to do it. There’s a learning curve, but this a great place to start.

Thanks so much! It’s so true…what a whirlwind! Traveling over the weekend and found an amazing Juice bar to keep me on the fast. Tried wheatgrass for the 1st time followed by a green juice combo adding extra lemon and ginger….TOTALLY wired! Seriously, I just finished Day 5 and couldn’t feel better! My daughter’s been taking a spoon of chia seeds to hydrate for races, so this am, I tried it too (for fiber) and protein and just because they’re so darn good for you. Followed it up with a large glass of water – no big deal, so I’ll continue that as well.

Proponents of juicing contend that consuming a high quantity and large variety of juices can leave you feeling more energized, even on a low-calorie diet. Freshly extracted juice from raw produce is nutrient-dense, containing a large amount of vitamins and minerals that your body can easily absorb. If, like many Americans, you have a hard time getting enough fresh produce in your diet, juicing is a convenient and palatable way to get your daily recommended servings. Because store-bought juice is heated during pasteurization, it doesn’t possess the same level of nutrition as freshly extracted juice. Consequently, you shouldn’t use bottled, canned or frozen juice in place of juicing.

A lot of people makes mistakes when juicing and don’t truly understand the necessary nutrition and calorie restrictions that need to be considered. I found the ‘juicing for weight loss’ section on this page quite helpful.

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I’ll be telling you what you need to know and educating you on why you’re doing it. In addition, our interactive program will hold you accountable so that you will actually do everything you are instructed to do.

Saw the documentary “Fat, Sick,and Nearly Dead) and both Hubby and myself decided to try a 60 day fast. Our goal is wt loss (both have 50+ to lose), help hypertension, high cholesterol. We are on day 9 of our fast. Our b/p are both excellent. Hubby has lost 12 pounds and I have lost 6 pounds. He is drinking 5 (16ox drinks) and me 4 (16ozdrinks) per day plus water and one morning pure coconut juice. My question is that he continues to loose each day. I have stayed the same 3 days in a row and yesterday gained .8 pound. Am I doing something wrong? I have not had anything else but what is mentioned here. We have done about the same activity level. I was wondering since he is 6 ft 1 inch and I am 5 ft 1, should I be drinking less juice? We are drinking 80 % vegetable to 20% fruit. Thank you.

Eat at least 1200 calories daily. Consuming less than 1200 calories daily, especially for more than a few days, is not a safe or healthy way to lose weight.[14] Ensure that whatever juicing diet or plan you choose, that you’re able to consume adequate calories daily.

Hi Barb, glad you feel inspired! If you’re worried about the effects of detoxing, why don’t you do what I’ve seen Joe suggest – to spend a week or more, before your reboot, eating a more plant based diet and cutting out processed foods and sugar, and THEN attempt a reboot. Might give your body more time to adjust. During my reboot there was a day, about day 4 or 5 I think, when I had to keep running to the bathroom, and had to stay home from work that day. It happened again a week or so later. But apart from that, and a day of headaches very early on, I didn’t experience anything too nasty. I guess it depends on how toxic your life has been up till now. Just tell yourself, ‘It’s better out than in’. Good luck with your reboot!

In Central America and India, where mangoes are a popular local treat, they are sometimes eaten with salt and chili powder! This combination of sweet, salty, and spicy works perfectly, and it’s great for you. Cayenne may boost metabolism and aid weight loss, and mango is a good source of potassium, vitamin C, carotenoids, minerals, and fiber.

This is less about the juice cleanse and more about what can happen when you go vegan. “Switching to an organic, plant-based diet allows cells to work optimally to re-establish efficient internal messaging and manufacturing processes,” says Merrell. “This allows the mitochondria to create energy without having to fight off a plethora of free radicals and inflammation, and reduces some of the impediments to proper DNA functioning.”

Although juicing doesn’t actually shrink the stomach, it does temporarily eliminate the possibility to eat for comfort. The upshot of that is that you will feel satiated with less food than usual, immediately after you’re done with the cleanse. This situation can provide a big psychological boost that some people need to experience so that they can change their eating behaviors and stop sabotaging their weight loss.

Figure out how many meals you’re replacing with juice or how much juice you’d like to consume each day. You’ll find some diets recommend consuming a certain amount of juice throughout the day. For example, 1-2 servings of a “green” or vegetable based juice.[12]

Desperate for answers and tired of the mundane complacency I had an wise old man tell me that if juicing worked to help him rid his body from cancer, what would it do for me? Healthy but not at the level of performance I wanted to be in I decided to take a chance and boy am I glad I did.

I love your website extremely informative. I live a healthy and fit lifestyle. My husband is a professional bodybuilder and I competed once before. I encounter some sort of obstacle when close to my fitness goal so decided to give juicing a try. I love fruits and veggies however I have a concern is there any possibility of becoming sick when I commence to juice? It is officially my first day and I already had a juice at noon, aiming for my next one every 3 hrs. I felt a little strange earlier lightheaded and weird for a brief moment.

Cranberries are the white berries of evergreen shrubs that turn a brilliant hue of red once ripened on the stem. The longer cranberries are allowed to ripen, the darker red they become and less tart they become. Cranberry juice made from straight cranberries is a…

That’s fantastic Suemcr! Congrats on all of your success! I bet you feel a hundred times better as opposed to before your fast! It’s amazing how much of a difference healthy eating can make. I wish you all the best!

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