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Prepare sample juices. Before purchasing a large quantity of fruits and veggies, try making a few small servings of different blends of juices. This will prevent you from wasting items you may not enjoy as a juice.

Hello!! I weight 227 I am 5’2 and I need to lose 60lbs or more. I was going to start juicing in the morning and having Greek yogurt for lunch with another juice and for dinner a salad with some chicken and no fat dressing. Will that help me lose weight? Also I will be walking/jogging 30mins a day. Please give me any advice u have!!! I need help.

Drink lots of water and put vegetables into your juicer that are high in potassium like spinach and Swiss chard. Potassium and water create a powerhouse duo that work together to flush that sodium out of your body that has been keeping bloated.

Michelle, it’s best to not have coffee due to the caffeine. Caffeine is a toxin. You’re only going to get rid of toxins and weight as long as you aren’t introducing toxins back into your body. It is however okay to drink decaf as long as you don’t put anything in it like sugar, honey, sweetener, creamer, or milk. But that kind of defeats the point of coffee.

Freshly squeezed orange juice could be a healthier, low-calorie alternative to all your fizzy drinks and colas. Orange is considered to be a negative calorie fruit which means that it contains fewer calories than what your body requires to burn it. Simply put, you burn more than you eat!

There are other notables as well – Neil Martin is another inspiring story that should encourage should encourage you to start living a healthier lifestyle right now. Poor lifestyle choices eating habits almost cost him his life.

It’s not all or nothing when it comes to juicing for weight loss, though. You can safely replace one meal or snack with a healthful green juice and successfully lose weight, says dietitian Joy Bauer. At other meals, watch your portion sizes and stick to whole foods, namely lean proteins, fresh vegetables and fruits and whole grains, to help you drop pounds. By eating whole foods, you won’t feel as if you’re starving.

Thanks for sharing this helpful site. I am going to start juicing on the 6th oh January after my family and I get back from vacation. My question for you (so I understand this correctly) is I only juice 3 times a day and don’t eat any food, right? Then I also drink water throughout the day to right? I am looking to lose 15 pounds and am excited to give this a try! Not only would I like lose weight but I want to increase my energy level as well:-). Thanks for your time and all your help!

Once you’ve got a juicer you’re happy with, check out the top recipes below from our “Juicing recipes for weight loss” book to help you make some fantastically healthy juices to help burn those pounds away.

Exel, I’m sorry for the late response. While it’s okay to work out while juicing, it’s best to let your body rest and recover during the first few days of your fast. Get adjusted to the juice and then take your workouts slow. Don’t push yourself too hard and listen to your body. You’ll do great! Keep me posted!

really enjoy you site. we started out with the 30 day challenge some months ago. didn’t have any idea how to start. visited several sites , none compare to what you offer. haven’t commented on here before, or any site for that matter, but as much as we “use” your services, thought i’d take the time and brag on you. Jerry

Fiber is good and it’s needed when you eat solids. The funny thing is that whenever you eat solids you are getting fiber. Juice is not digested and instead absorbed in to your body so fiber is not needed during a juice fast. Is fiber needed in your diet? Yes, and you still get all the soluble fibers when juicing, just not the insoluble fibers. You’ll get the insoluble fibers the minute you start eating solid food again. I hope this helps to clear up the idea that you can use a blender while juicing because you simply cannot. Cheers!

Many people use different forms of weight loss juicing every day. There have been many successful cases. I get emails all the time from people just like you that have replaced a meal a day with juicing or who have juice fasted. Sometimes, results are unbelieveable, especially for those juice fasting or on a juice diet plan.

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    Keep yourself inspired and motivated, and you will have a fantastic juice fast with really great results. Good job on staying away from those brownies! If you can get by those temptations you can get by anything! Please keep me posted on how things go for you KT. I’m always here if you have any questions!
    Whole fruits are lower in carbs than their juices.  Both fruits and vegetables contain carbohydrates, but fruits contain more carbs than veggies typically do.  These carbs come primarily from the natural sugars contained in the produce, but are considered ”smart carbs” because they are nutrient dense and rich in fiber, which helps slow  blood sugar response in the body. Yet, for people following a weight-loss program or a diet to control blood sugar levels, the carbs in fruits, vegetables, and their juices should all be monitored.  When making your selections, note that fruit juices are usually higher in carbohydrates. (Learn more about making smart fruit and juice choices when you have diabetes.)

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