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Mariamalia, if you want to do a juice fast you need to keep it 100% just juice. When you add solids into the mix you are no longer fasting. While it’s great to incorporate juicing into your diet you’d get more benefits by going full juice. Juicing works by allowing your digestive system to rest. See, juice is absorbed into your system instead of digested. Your digestive system gets to rest, cleanse, and detox while you juice. When you add solids into the mix you are not allowing your digestive system that time to rest and cleanse.

A 4-stage guide that eases you into a healthy lifestyle. Starting slowly, I tell you everything you need to know regarding how to create your healthy lifestyle. Then I’ll hold you accountable to make sure you to do it.

Madeline, welcome to JOJ and congrats on starting your juice fast! Since you’ve been very healthy I doubt you’ll experience any sickness related symptoms. Make sure you drink plenty of water right after a juice and throughout the day. You may consider adding an unflavored protein isolate to your juices if you work out consistently to ensure you maintain muscle mass. Just have a juice whenever you feel hungry. Listen to your body and keep me updated on your status. I’m here if you have any questions.

Consult with your doctor or a registered dietitian. Speaking to your doctor prior to starting any new diet regimen is a smart idea. They may be able to provide you with additional guidance or recommend alternatives that might be more appropriate for your health. A registered dietitian is a nutrition expert that may give you a more effective diet for weight loss.

It’s no secret that you will lose weight by juicing. How much weight you lose is up to you. I’ve lost a total of 30 pounds altogether but have known people who have lost upwards of 100 pounds. If you want to lose weight by juicing I strongly recommend you read two very detailed articles I wrote;  Juice Cleanse and How to Juice Fast. These will go into detail on how to get started, how to prepare, and what you will need to do in order to lose weight by juicing.

Mark Beddoe says “[Juicing] continues to change my life, little by little, every day. It’s an ongoing transformation which will see me gradually return to a more youthful and healthy me.” Mark lost 42 pounds in his first 3 months of juicing.

Teresa, don’t focus on matching your husbands weight The weight loss will happen at different frequencies and different spurts for everyone. Make sure you are weighing yourself first thing in the morning after you use the restroom and before you have a juice. Weigh yourself at the same time every day. Your weight will fluctuate throughout the day as you drink and use the restroom. You are doing fine Teresa, just hang in there and don’t focus on the numbers on the scale. Scales have a habit of lying and deceiving us. Focus on how you feel and how your clothes fit. You’ll find that is a much easier way to tell if you are losing weight and feeling better. Stay strong! Keep me posted on your progress Teresa! Cheers!

I read another article by Ron Kennedy, M.D. called Juice Fasting Therapy. Therein he advocates for a colon cleanse on the 2nd day of a Juice fast, saying it is very important as residue not being pushed out by incoming solids will contribute more toxicity to your body. Now I am definitely not a fan of doing an enema, especially for 3 days in a row as he suggests. Do you think this is truly important?

Juicing for weight loss is not a new concept. It’s been doing the rounds since a few years. But, what we’re telling you here is not to go on a liquid diet but to add certain fresh juices to your daily meals that can help speed up weight loss. Drinking fresh juices is also a great way to load up on a variety of minerals, vitamins, fibre and antioxidants – all of which aid in revving up your metabolism and thus, you are able to burn more calories. These juices not only help you lose weight but they also offer a host of other health benefits. Have a look. 

Jennifer, after you’ve gone through detox you’ll have plenty of energy. The detox period lasts for about 3-5 days. I would go easy on your workouts during those first 3-5 days. If you stick with it, I’m sure you will lose the weight and get down to a more comfortable weight that your happy with. Just stay strong, keep your goals in mind, and focus on maintaining your will power! You will do awesome, I’ll be here if you have any questions Jennifer.

Saw the documentary “Fat, Sick,and Nearly Dead) and both Hubby and myself decided to try a 60 day fast. Our goal is wt loss (both have 50+ to lose), help hypertension, high cholesterol. We are on day 9 of our fast. Our b/p are both excellent. Hubby has lost 12 pounds and I have lost 6 pounds. He is drinking 5 (16ox drinks) and me 4 (16ozdrinks) per day plus water and one morning pure coconut juice. My question is that he continues to loose each day. I have stayed the same 3 days in a row and yesterday gained .8 pound. Am I doing something wrong? I have not had anything else but what is mentioned here. We have done about the same activity level. I was wondering since he is 6 ft 1 inch and I am 5 ft 1, should I be drinking less juice? We are drinking 80 % vegetable to 20% fruit. Thank you.

Use your alarm function on your cell phone to remind yourself to juice!  Use the alarm to remind yourself when to eat and when to juice!  Don’t wait until you are thirty or hungry. Preparation is your key to success!

Juicing for weight loss can involve replacing just one meal per day with fresh juice, or it can mean committing to an all-out juice fast, in which you drink juice in lieu of all of your regular meals. You might also combine the two strategies by having juice for a few meals and snacks and eating some solid food at dinner. Juicing requires investing in a juicer so you can squeeze your own leafy greens, herbs, root veggies and fruits. Some companies offer cold-pressed juices at a premium price that you may also use for detox and weight loss.

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  1. Hi Donnie! My husband and I are about to embark on a 7-10 day juice fast (or longer). I have done a ton of research but am still a bit uncomfortable about the effect this fast will have on my husband who has type II diabetes.
    Juice fasting is the safest way to reduce weight. On average, you lose one pound a day. A 14 day fast would take off about 14 pounds. If you follow some general guidelines on juice fasting that are outlined on the juice fasting page, you should be able to tackle it on your own.

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