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Donna is here to help you with technical Facebook questions. She also posts comments from time to time that are very helpful to participants. She posts your lessons on Facebook each week and also sends your lessons via email.  If you don’t want to be part of Facebook, you can still be part of this group through email.  Stacee, our nutritionist will also be part of the group and offers helpful nutrition information from time to time.

Once you’ve got a juicer you’re happy with, check out the top recipes below from our “Juicing recipes for weight loss” book to help you make some fantastically healthy juices to help burn those pounds away.

2nd day of my juicing is going good… Probably from tomorrow I will start exercise… I haven’t started yet because I just wanted to listen to my body how it reacts with only juicing. I think I am enough energetic to exercise.

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There is no need to chop them if you are using a centrifugal or horizontal auger juice extractor but on a vertical type like a Hurom H-100 you need to chop them into smaller pieces so it does not clog.

I work 12 hour shifts 7a-7p at least three times a week. What would be the best way for me to do a juicing diet with my crazy hours. I read somewhere else that the juice should be dranked immediately after making it. My juicer is to big to take to work, do you know of any small portable juicers? Thanks in advance.

Joe Cross was obese and sick with a crippling autoimmune disease. He chronicled his 100-pound total weight loss*, along with his 60-day juice fast, in his film “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.” He called his diet a “Reboot.”

Pineapple juice is believed to be a great remedy for belly fat. An important enzyme called bromelain which is found in the juice of pineapple helps in metabolizing protein and burns away excess stomach fat. Moreover, bromelain works with other enzymes such as lipase to digest fats and suppress your appetite. Just like oranges, pineapple is also a catabolic food which means that your body spends more calories to burn the fruit than it actually contains. 

Hi, instead of juicing, could this be run through a vitamix? I get freaked out about too much orange juice…good food/bad food programming, I know. But the using the whole orange makes me feel better about it. Thoughts??

Anyway, I had previously juiced on and off with her a few years back so much so that we ran through 3 juicer motors! We LOVE juicing – (our favorite: beets, carrots, Granny Smith Apple & LOTS of ginger!) But, I never went on a juice fast. Anyway, about 2 weeks ago, when I was reflecting on how I was going to attack my #1 future goal after seeing my swollen ankles (not pretty), (I downplayed it to everyone else saying that I had sprained my ankle) but I KNEW I needed to Detox, but I needed to do it differently. After months of studying foods, deciding to go non-GMO wherever I could, quitting aspartame except for that VERY RARE diet soda….I thought about it and remembered that I loved and felt great when juicing – so I started reading up on it again and how people lost weight with juicing. (Actually, I thought about it 6 months ago but bought an expensive ‘juicing blender’ (NOT!) – and when I tried the first batch, hated the taste of all of the fiber in my drink! Not the same! ) So, I went out and bought a great juicer w/ ~2500 rpm and started reading your website along with a couple of others and got really inspired and was armed with great information and decided to do the full fast. (That was different from the past and sure to work if I just stayed focused!) Next, I headed to our favorite store, Whole Foods to get some Organic Produce and started on Labor Day, 9/2 – I mean, I have been ‘laboring’ over everyone else and everything for a VERY long time…it just seemed perfect!

Some medications interact with certain fruit juices. Always talk to your doctor prior to starting any juicing program to make sure it’s safe and appropriate for you to consume a variety of juices.[23]

A lot of work went into making sure the weight loss program worked well on desktop computer as well as mobile devices like tablets/phones. It has a completely custom layout for each, so just visit the site on your mobile device to access it.

We’ll have fun in the next 28 days.  You’ll receive an invitation to a private Facebook page that’s just for you and the other participants of Juicing for Weight Loss – Healthy & Fit For Life so you can interact with each other as well as with me.  You’ll be able to support each other as we reach out with our hearts, struggles, successes, and thoughts – all around the world.  (Yes, we have people joining  from all around the world.)

As we explained above, the medium chain fatty acids in coconut support weight loss. This juice gives you an extra boost of healthy fats with omega-3 rich flaxseeds. There’s also broccoli stem to support the natural detoxifying action of your liver enzymes, dark leafy greens for fiber and antioxidants, and lemon juice for vitamin C.

Radhika, thanks for your comment. I’ll do my best to help you through your fast and get you ready for your wedding. It’s important that you stick to the fast and only have the juices that you make. No solids including salads.

Hi! My juicer comes next week. I want to lose a few pounds before I go to the beach in Juky. Should I juice all my meals and not eat anything solid? How many glasses per day? Any suggesting juices to make to lose weight fast? Should I add protein to my juices?

All that sounds great and that’s what I will do. I am big into working out and eating right but just thought this would be great to get rid of all the bad toxins in my body. Also getting rid of some weight is always a plus :). I could lose 15 to be a my ideal weight, so I look forward to that as well!!

Lastly, you should have the right motivation to lose weight because without it, it will not be sustainable. I can give you all the how to principles but if you don’t have that inner drive and desire to better your health and not just focus on the scale.

What is the proper way to come off this diet , I have a really big stomach but I’m only 120 pounds and I want to be 100-110 , I struggle with emotional eating , anorexia, binge eating and more and I just want to lose weight fast.how long should I do this for , what should I use (like what fruits and veggies) when coming off of it what should I eat/not eat ? How many calories? If I eat McDonalds or Chocolate again will I immediately put back on all the weight even if its been a long time after the diet?

I love your program! We started juicing about two years ago, mainly so our sons would get their fruits and veggies, but we only drinking one a day – maybe. Both my husband and I are now juicing all day and we both feel great! In addition to weight loss, we both agree that we are also able to think more clearly, don’t get the afternoon slumps, and our mental attitude is so much more positive. I don’t look at this as a “diet” but as a way of life. We eat healthy meals and, yes, I do indulge in the dessert still occasionally, but not like I used to. I have been coffee free for over a month and don’t even notice – except now the taste of coffee is disgusting to me. And amazingly, I don’t have to take as much allergy medicine! …Before juicing, I was taking allergy medicine both in the morning and evening, as well as an inhaler. I would start wheezing if would forget to take the evening dose, but I haven’t taken the evening dose for about a week now and can’t tell the difference. I never expected that but am thrilled! I LOVE JUICING! Thank you for all your information and positive attitude!!! Sharon & Brad Baylor

By A way of an update i have been juicing now for just on a month and after an initial 5 days of juice only i now juice in the day and eat in the evenings, the evening meal includes salads fish the odd bit of chicken and turkey. when i started i was 17st 5 lbs and i now i am 15st 6 lbs so for me not far left to go now to reach my target of 15st, any more than that and i will need a lot of new cloths. Time wash my jeans on a very hot wash i think !

I. Schapiro warns that juice cleansers may experience confusion because limiting important nutrients like protein can lead to decreased brain function and disruptions in neurotransmitters, which rely on protein to do their job. While you won’t be as sharp because your noggin’ isn’t getting what it needs, there are also foods to know about that suck it dry, like these Foods That Drain Your Brainpower.

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  1. Hi I just started. I have 120oz juice fod breakfast, and lunch and a protein shake with frozen fruit, almond milk, and chia seeds for dinner. I do snack on nuts and raisins. Will I lose weight? I haven’t weighed yet lol. Great site by the way!
    I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome about 2 years ago and have gained about 40 pounds. I was introduced to the idea of a juice fast through Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I am starting my 60 juice fast on Tuesday and am anxious and excited to see what will happen! I am hoping I see some of the effects others say they experienced, mainly weight loss and clearer skin. I feel like I have done enough research and am prepared but I am still nervous I am going to do something to mess up my results! From what I understand it is better to only drink juice and not eat anything even if it is raw vegetables? I have read basically all of your website and it has been an excellent tool! If there is anything else you (or anyone else reading this) can offer I would gladly appreciate it! I also am nervous if I do lose weight that I will gain it back as soon as I stop juicing and eating whole foods again. Thank you again keep up the great job on the website!!

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