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Just do as much reading as you can Ali, read every here at JOJ that you can and you’ll have a great understanding of what a juice fast is, how it works, and how to do it! Let me know if you have any questions Ali.

Cabbage juice helps in relieving a lot of stomach problems like bloating and indigestion, clears up your digestive tract and helps in quicker elimination of wastes. This aids your weight loss process. A lot of studies have shown that an increased intake of fiber can help in fighting fat. “High-fiber vegetables absorb the water in our body and form a gel like mass during digestion. This slows down the process and helps you to feel full for longer and prevents binging on other foods,” explains Weight Management Expert, Gargi Sharma. You can blend cabbage with an apple and lime or with sweet veggies like carrot and beetroot. 

Juicing is the fastest and tastiest way to get all those healthy vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes that our modern diets are lacking. If you are looking to lose weight then try our juicing recipes for weight loss.

One more thing donnie how to juice mango i tried but it wasnt a succes.. I hv completed my third day without any prb.. But weight loss is not too mch jst 1 1/2 kg .. Is this bcs i hv already lost 25 lbs and these are the toughest pounds i am working on..?? During first two days i wasnt feeling hungry at all but today hunger is striking again and again.. But i wont gv up.. Will the love handles go wd this juicing as i am not working out with this juicing regime..as after 15 days my hubby is cmng bk and i wanna look sexy..

Carmen, it’s okay to freeze your produce and thaw it out before juicing. I know a lot of things will spoil soon so this will be your best option if you can only shop at the beginning of the month. I wish you all the best! Let me know if you have any questions.

Français: perdre du poids avec des jus de fruits et de légumes, Italiano: Perdere Peso Bevendo Succhi di Frutta e Verdura, Español: bajar de peso con jugos, Deutsch: Abnehmen mit frisch gepressten Säften, Português: Perder Peso com Sucos, Русский: похудеть на соках, 中文: 用果蔬汁减肥, Bahasa Indonesia: Berdiet dengan Membuat Jus, ไทย: ลดน้ำหนักด้วยน้ำผลไม้, Nederlands: Sap drinken om af te vallen, العربية: إتباع حمية العصائر لفقدان الوزن, 한국어: 체중 감량을 위해 주스 만드는 방법, Tiếng Việt: Giảm cân bằng nước ép rau quả, Čeština: Jak zhubnout odšťavňovací dietou

I know you’re not visiting this website to hear my life story, but, 17 years after getting diagnosed with Cancer and Lupus, I’m alive and feeling better than I did when I was in my 30s! When you’re told you’re going to die, you want to fight it every way imaginable and I truly believe that juicing is a huge reason why I am sharing my life with you today.

Tiffany, you can have your juice as early as you like and then workout within the hour. Another thing you can do is have 8 ounces of water and lemon, and then 8-12 ounces of juice. I usually have my water and lemon right when I wake up. After that I go about my morning, take a shower, get dressed, etc. and then have my morning juice.

LeeLee, while I’m not a doctor like Ron Kennedy, I’ve talked with plenty of medical professionals on the topic of colon cleanses during your juice fast. It’s really up to you if you want to do it as I find some say it’s not necessary while others say you should. I’ve never done it but it’s not going to hurt your fast if you do choose to do it. So it’s really your decision.

Hi Terri, I’m so glad you feel inspired to Reboot! It’s so worth it! I had a juice whenever I would normally have had a meal, so breakfast, lunch and dinner. But you can have them in between at morning tea or after dinner as well. I guess just make sure you keep the ratio of veggies higher than the fruit content. If you include too much fruit, you can end up gaining weight due to the sugar content. Maybe be careful with high sugar fruits and only have them sometimes. Some veggies add a sweet flavour to juice, like parsnips. I usually have one of those in my daily breakfast juice. And if you like apple, go for the green variety as they are less sweet. My everyday breakfast juice normally has something green and leafy (romaine lettuce, spinach or Asian greens), a big cucumber, half a fennel bulb, big chunk of fresh ginger, a parsnip, a lemon – the whole thing goes into the juicer, a thick slice of fresh pineapple for its anti inflammatory effects, and a green apple. Yummy! Good luck with your reboot!

It all comes down to willpower. It’s willpower alone and keeping your belly full if you can with some kind of satisfying juice. You also have to whip your mind into shape, telling yourself, “this isn’t forever. I can eat those foods again. When I am done, I plan on eating ________.” Stay away from food as you can. With kids, cook what you know you won’t cave with. Like I can’t be around pizza or pasta. So I avoid it. It’s not easy, but you get better with time. First 3 days, so hard for me. I also use these days to pray for people, committing each day to a certain person. It makes things so much easier if you use a spiritual commitment first, but that’s just my take. Been doing it successfully for 5 years now. You can do it. Blessings!

Hey, I’m on day 3 of juicing and I’m still going to the toilet as frequently as I should,and right now I only have fruits in my house that I can juice, I juice about 3 times a day, will this still have the same weight loss effect on me?

This is important – don’t forget to exercise regularly at least 3 times a week for 15 to 30 minutes per session. Depending on your physical condition you’ll have to choose the right exercise that will fit your fitness level.

Have you ever heard someone say you don’t need to do a detox because your body detoxes itself? Well, it’s true; allow us to explain: The function of the liver and kidneys is to detoxify the body. The liver regulates the blood’s chemical levels while the kidneys help remove waste from the body to be excreted in the urine. “These processes occur in the body naturally,” says White. “Consuming a drink meant to encourage a ‘detox’ has no effect, especially when the drink is void of essential vitamins and minerals.”

Sure, you can follow the plan I loosely laid out for you above or you can dial it in for breakthrough results with his method. Even if you cheat a bit you will still get great results with it. Give it a try and then email me those before and after pictures so I can brag about you here on The Juicer Directory.

First, it’s important to remember that no single food causes obesity, and the inclusion or exclusion of any single food or food group will not cause weight loss. Weight loss comes down to consuming fewer calories than you burn on a regular basis. Juicing can either help or hinder this depending on how much you’re consuming (and what else you’re eating).

I typically go through 4-6 juices that are each between 16-20 ounces in size. It’s best not to set any certain times to juice, but rather just have a juice when you are hungry. Hunger is your body telling you that you need more nutrients. Cravings are different and not to be confused with hunger. If you have any questions just let me know. I’ll be here. Enjoy your juice!

Hi my name is John i weight 310 pounds i have tried everything to lose weight and it just keeps coming back my question is with my weight is it safe to juice i usually eat no vegetables at all because of psychological reasons i guess but ive found i can tweak my juices to disguise at least in my mind not to taste like veggies my concern is if at all it puts a strain on your heat i dont want to juice to lose weight if its going to put strain on my heart thanks

In addition, cruciferous veggies also help certain enzyme systems in your body to function optimally, further contributing to liver detoxification.  These veggies are of course also loaded with a variety of other nutrients and phytonutrients that are vital for maintaining good health in general.

Support your efforts. It’s a good time to meditate. Consider trying an emotional detox at the same time. Consider drinking some detox tea, or other herbal tea. Go to a health food store and find some high quality whole food based supplements to support your health. As they say on the airplane – put your own mask on first. You can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself. Have some fun indulging in better health.

I’ll be honest here, I called this green not because it uses a lot of green leafy veggies but the output will be green. In fact, the only green vegetable in this recipe is spinach and you can put lots of it, depending on your taste buds.

Fiber is an essential part of a healthy diet. Eating enough of it is important for optimal digestion because it keeps the beneficial bacteria in your gut healthy and may reduce constipation for some people (21).

Hi, I was wondering if watermellon is the one fruit that can be eaten? My mom doesn’t want me to just juice, but I’m wanting to loose at least 15-20 lbs. So to apease her and eat something, is watermellon ok? Thanks!!

Juice the pineapple and apple and pour into blender or smoothie-maker with the banana, yoghurt and spirulina. Blend until smooth. If you don’t like yoghurt (dairy or otherwise), use half a small pineapple instead.

The culprits I am referring to are chemicals called xenoestrogens.  These are also known as hormone disruptors and mimic the effect of our natural estrogen. Estrogen is a hormone that plays a variety of roles, including affecting the storage of fat in our bodies.  Apart from adding to cancer risks, xenoestrogens are known to cause our bodies to store more fat than usual, while at the same time making it very difficult to lose extra weight.

The first 3 days I juiced, I felt nasty with headaches. In fact, as soon as I had my first juice they started. The juice I made tasted gross. My apples were tiny which I didn’t realize being new at this. Each of the first three days I was starved and had to eat. As soon as I ate the headaches went away. Now I’ve been juicing for over a month, make better tasting juice, but I eat so I’m not fasting. I’m thinking of fasting but I was starving. I juiced four times a day. Now I juice 2-3 but I eat. I drank tons of clean water. I have to cook for my husband which doesn’t help the starvation. What can I do so I don’t feel nasty and starved?

Although juicing doesn’t actually shrink the stomach, it does temporarily eliminate the possibility to eat for comfort. The upshot of that is that you will feel satiated with less food than usual, immediately after you’re done with the cleanse. This situation can provide a big psychological boost that some people need to experience so that they can change their eating behaviors and stop sabotaging their weight loss.

The juices you consume for weight loss aren’t the jugs of orange juice or fruit punch you pick up in the grocery store. Juicing for weight loss has you using a home juicer to press pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables and create concoctions rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Alternatively, you may purchase cold-pressed juices at a premium price to replace meals. These natural juices contain no added sugar, preservatives, unwanted fats or excess sodium. When made mostly with green vegetables, such as kale, celery and cucumber, they are also low in calories.

Anyone with a health condition or taking medication, especially those with kidney disease, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or hypertension should consult their physician or dietitian before making significant dietary changes. 

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Hey there I’m going to start a 20 day juice cleanse and detox! I have lost 73 pounds on my own through exercise and clean eating! I’ve been struggling with trying to lose the last 25 pounds! Is it safe to exercise while juicing only? I’m starting my cleanse in January!

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  1. “If you’re not big into fruits and vegetables, it’s a good way to get them in,” says nutritionist Jennifer Barr, RD, of Wilmington, DE. You should still eat fruits and vegetables, too, says Manuel Villacorta, RD, founder of Eating Free, a weight management program.
    Juice requires hardly any digestion, so all its nutritional goodness gets rapidly into your system while simultaneously giving your digestive system a rest. Your body can then use that saved energy to clean out old matter, especially from the small intestine. The average person holds 5-10lbs of toxic old matter in their intestines, and Feasting is an ideal way to release it, giving the body a phenomenal chance to rejuvenate and restore. Far from being a time of ‘deprivation’, this extraordinary healing programme is an experience of abundance and massive nutritional intake…we lose weight, skin becomes radiantly healthy, illnesses are healed, scar tissue rejuvenates, and we detox our whole system on a massive scale. – Angela Stokes
    I have been juicing for 10 days now and have not lost one pound. I weigh myself at the same time in the morning after using the restroom and before drinking water or juice. I drink 6 16ounce servings of juice a day. I follow the 80 percent veggie 20 percent fruit method. I drink plenty of water, about the same amount or more than the juice. I am a server, so i am fairly active just because of my job. I am at a complete loss. I just got a colonic today to see if that will help. I just want to lose a little weight and some belly and chest fat. I am very disappointed after pushing through this incredibly difficult fast to not see any results. Any thoughts? I feel like i am going to stop after day 14 because it just doesn’t seem worth the deprivation.
    Natalie…I am so inspired by you. I am on day 8 of my reboot and feeling great. I come back to this page to read the inspirational stories. I really resonated with your story. I really just wanted to say thank you for sharing and also for commenting with extra information regarding your re boot. You’re fantastic!!
    Ashley, when you work out, you are ripping and damaging your muscles. They start to rebuild immediately when you give them the nutrients to do so. It’s helpful to add more spinach/kale/romaine to your juices directly after you work out. Have a juice right when you finish to help the process.

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