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In terms of flavor, I’d go with the mean green toxin flusher, not too sweet and too strong, balance is just right. I’d rather not add the apple but I still not really used to the strong flavor of the greens in this recipe so I’d still add a piece.

Timing is crucial when juicing. The living enzymes and nutrients inside natural produce die off within a few hours of being exposed to the open air. They may survive a bit longer with refrigeration but max benefit will be achieved if the juice is consumed immediately after creation.

The easiest way to juice to lose weight is to create a meal plan that includes the weight you want to lose, the fruits and vegetables you’ll be consuming daily, and how many meals you’ll be replacing with juice per day. Buy a juicer or blender for easy mixing, and use frozen fruits or vegetables to incorporate foods that aren’t in season. To read more tips from our dietary reviewer, like how to design a juice diet just for you, read on!

Rachel Feldman is a health coach, digestive wellness expert, and detox specialist. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Rachel assists clients nationwide via phone, email and Skype. Rachel helps men and women struggling with weight gain, digestive issues and toxicity. Rachel graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, Wild Rose Natural College of Healing, and International School of Detoxification. She is also certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and has obtained additional Continuing Education Units from Purchase College, State University of New York. She is a certified Reiki Energy Healer. Her approach to healing focuses not only on the foods you put into your mouth but also incorporates the elements of body, mind and soul. She helps her clients to access the blueprint for their health by discovering which foods fuel the body and not inflame the body.

The second is masticating juicers which are much more effective when juicing highly nutritious greens like spinach, kale, etc. It also produces the highest quality and quantity of juices than centrifugal juicers.

Abby, welcome to JOJ and congrats on 8 days of juicing and 11 pounds lost! Sorry you heard some bad news today. Hop back on your fast and forget you ate anything. It will pass and you’ll be fine. Just don’t make a habit of it. Juice like normal and you’re body will work it’s magic. Hope all is alright Abby, keep me posted and know that I’m always here if you need me.

The benefits of juicing for weight loss are clear. You’ll feel less hungry, more energized, more alert and better than ever before. Plus, you’ll quickly begin to shed those pounds. What could be better than losing weight while drinking delicious fresh juice.

Thanks so much! It’s so true…what a whirlwind! Traveling over the weekend and found an amazing Juice bar to keep me on the fast. Tried wheatgrass for the 1st time followed by a green juice combo adding extra lemon and ginger….TOTALLY wired! Seriously, I just finished Day 5 and couldn’t feel better! My daughter’s been taking a spoon of chia seeds to hydrate for races, so this am, I tried it too (for fiber) and protein and just because they’re so darn good for you. Followed it up with large glass of water – no big deal, so I’ll continue that as well.

Flavour – Most of us could do with eating more healthy vegetables. Juicing helps us get the goodness of these in a much more flavourful way than eating raw vegetables. It can also help meet you 5-a-day requirement if you aren’t doing so already.

When eating a low-calorie diet, water stored in your muscles with glycogen gets used up—which causes your skin to feel dry. “Balance is the key,” says Antonia Burrell, associate lecturer in the chemistry of aromatherapy at the London College of Fashion. Burrell says that a prolonged juice cleanse can lead to a drier skin and potentially prematurely-aged skin because of the lack of essential fatty acids being consumed. Yikes! For more ways food and drink can cause wrinkles, check out the 20 Foods That Age You 20 Years.

This will allow you to keep track of the effects that your positive lifestyle changes are having on you (i.e. losing 30lbs in a month like me!). I know it’s important to see your progress as well as feel it.

Eat enough protein. Although juicing allows you to consume larger quantities of fruits and vegetables, juice provides little to no protein. In order to maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet, it’s important to consume adequate protein each day.

We couldn’t make a one size fits all recipe plan, so we planned it out so you pick your recipes out just like you would on a normal recipe site. It tells you the ingredient amounts, so you can use that as a shopping list. Recipes are easily printable.

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Kendra, what’s more important, losing that weight you’ve put on or flavor that you taste for a minute while consuming a juice? The flavor is something you can adapt, change, and get used to. You will do fine if you focus on your health Kendra. You’ll have to experiment with a few juices and see which ones work best for you. Keep me posted. I’m always here if you have questions.

Whether you’re new to the juice-making scene with a barely-out-of-the-box  NutriBullet in your kitchen or your blender has hundreds of smoothies under its blades, you can easily learn how to make a delicious, satisfying Juices that can also help you slim down and lose weight.

Although juicing doesn’t actually shrink the stomach, it does temporarily eliminate the possibility to eat for comfort. The upshot of that is that you will feel satiated with less food than usual, immediately after you’re done with the cleanse. This situation can provide a big psychological boost that some people need to experience so that they can change their eating behaviors and stop sabotaging their weight loss.

Alethadan, if you have a goal in mind, you’re best to just juice until you hit that goal. I think it would be good if you juiced until you got within 10 pounds of your goal and them started to add in fresh fruits and veggies. This will help you continue losing weight while eating solids. It will also help you to maintain your weight once you reach your goal. Congrats on your success this far, you are doing really good! Keep up the good juicing!

Rachel Feldman is a health coach, wellness momma, and business coach. Rachel graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Rachel teaches business owners, like herself, who financially support their family how to balance it all. She is a biz coach for health-focused solopreneurs, helping them to create profitable and sustainable businesses. She used a proven system in her own thriving practice – these are the tools she sells to health coaches.

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Focusing on tasks could become more of a challenge during a cleanse. “Because you’ve decreased the normal amount of calories you usually eat, you will begin to feel tired, sluggish, and you will start to lose muscle mass because your body is taking the protein out of your muscles to give you energy,” says Kaufman. Our point: It’s not just your body that can tire during a cleanse, but your your mind can, too. If you’re still thinking you need to detox, first check out these 25 Best Foods for Instant Detox.

Kale, a dark-green leafy vegetable, rivals just about every other food in the produce section when it comes to nutrient density. The vast majority of kale juice benefits are believed to come from is high concentration of various essential vitamins and nutrients. One…

Be sure your diet includes: cruciferous vegetables, green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, sulfur rich foods, and fiber. Eliminate sugar and all its relatives (including all artificial sweeteners), bad fats such as fried foods, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, and gluten. There are some links below that lead to some nice recipes, or look online.

Figgs, there is no need for fiber while on a juice fast. You aren’t consuming any solids so there is nothing for your system to digest. The whole point is to avoid solids and fiber of any kind. If you do have solids/fiber you aren’t on a juice fast as it kicks your digestive system back into gear. The juice fast works by not using your digestive system and allowing it to cleanse, giving you back the energy that was usually used for digesting. This in turn not just cleanses your digestive system but creates a symptom of low toxicity in your system. You system noticing this low toxicity is much more apt to release toxins (which are stored in fat cells) helping you to cleanse and lose weight while taking in all the nutrients you need. Just drink the juice, follow the fast, and you’ll be fine. There’s no need to add anything to your juices, it will only slow down the effect.

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Papaya supplies nutrients for better digestive health while ginger and mint aids in alleviating abdominal problems. Lemon boosts the vitamin levels especially vitamin C and yogurt provides high doses of probiotics. All these ingredients work effectively for quick weight loss.

The silica in cucumber will help to improve moisture and strength in your skin, while the ginger root works to fight off blemishes. Even that delightful dose of vitamin A and C in the apples will work to brighten and tone tired skin.

Thanks for sharing your healthy juice recipes for weight loss with us. Usually when I wake up in the morning I drink green tea. But I found your tips amazing. I definitely include your tips in my diet plan. Keep sharing like this.

I sip my juice, stretch it out over a couple hours, so it last me. I bought just 2 bottles in yesterday and today. Last night I drank just 1 more. Imma try to drink 2 more bottles tonight to make it 4 bottles for today.

Limiting your intake to fresh juice cleanses your body of environmental toxins, while promoting health, according to the book “30 Day Juice Cleanse.” But you don’t need to limit your diet to juice alone to get rid of toxic substances. Your kidneys and liver do that for you, unless they’re diseased, in which case you should consult your doctor about your specific dietary needs and the potential harm of a 30-day juice diet. If you want to improve your health and feel better, eat a healthy diet high in fiber and low in fat with a variety of nutrient-rich foods from all the food groups, in addition to your fruits and vegetables.

Pineapple which has relatively high fructose content (4.8 grams per 100grams) is mainly used as a sweetener to make this drink more palatable. You can add less if you feel that half a pineapple is too much.

When you’re on a juice cleanse, you’re not eating a diet that contains all of the nutrients found in a balanced diet. That will some significant consequences but one change you’ll notice first is that your hair and nails aren’t growing as quickly. “Protein, fats and carbohydrates. We need all of these for healthy skin, hair and nails,” says I. Schapiro.

Hi I just started. I have 120oz juice fod breakfast, and lunch and a protein shake with frozen fruit, almond milk, and chia seeds for dinner. I do snack on nuts and raisins. Will I lose weight? I haven’t weighed yet lol. Great site by the way!

Personally, when it comes to juicing recipes for weight loss, this is one of my favorites. The combination of lemon, apple, and cucumber comes together to create a hugely refreshing way to burn fat wherever you are. Research at Arizona State University found that the vitamin C in lemon can help you oxidize 30% more fat!

Hi my name is John i weight 310 pounds i have tried everything to lose weight and it just keeps coming back my question is with my weight is it safe to juice i usually eat no vegetables at all because of psychological reasons i guess but ive found i can tweak my juices to disguise at least in my mind not to taste like veggies my concern is if at all it puts a strain on your heat i dont want to juice to lose weight if its going to put strain on my heart thanks

I’ve seen people juice as long as 80 days. Andy juiced 80 days. You can usually find him on the forums. He’s got a great wealth of knowledge and understanding of juice fasting. I’m always here if you have questions Stuart. Cheers!

The “Heart Beet” cleanse is a sweet and fruity way to cleanse your cardiac system and get your metabolic motors running in no time! Carrots have been proven to improve heart health in various studies – lowering cholesterol and reducing your chances of heart disease.

The nutribullet will give you more nutritional benefits as you are consuming all the fruit and vegetables. In a juicer you throw away all the pulp- fibre. So with the Nutribullet you are getting fibre.

Im not a expert, I started juicing a month ago. I needed to loose some weight & lower my bad cholesterol. I began & didnt have any craving for anything else. I lost 15 lbs. & better yet I wasn’t so depressed ! I got energy now! & haven’t told anybody but people say they havent seen me smile ha, & look great. I love it. Nothing to argue about.

First thing’s first: Juice cleansing is a “detox” diet that can last from a few days to several weeks in which a person consumes only fruit and vegetable juices to obtain nutrition while otherwise abstaining from eating food. Many people swear by cleanses and report an improvement to their health, mood, and appearance. The scientific community, however, is less than enthusiastic about juice cleanses—many scientists, dietitians, and doctors regard detox diets as less effective than fasting with water, and, therefore, a waste of money. That said, if you’re going to do one anyway, we recommend consulting with your doctor—or at the very least going along with an “official” juice cleanse program. Simply drinking any ol’ juice from anywhere around town is not a good idea.

Sorry Gabby, you’ll still be including all the pulp and fiber in your juices. Read this article for more information on why you must use a juicer for a juice fast: http://www.justonjuice.com/can-i-use-a-blender-for-juicing/

Pomegranate juice can protect your heart and blood vessels. Ithelps slow the buildup of cholesterol, and contains antioxidants that help protect the body from free radicals that destroy cells. In fact, the Consumer Reports website explains that pomegranate juice contains more antioxidant polyphenols than green tea, red wine and cranberry juice.

I have struggled with my weight all my life. At 29, I’ve had 3 kids and my weight rose to 250 lbs.!! I watched 2 documentaries one day while on Netflix…Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead and Vegucated. That’s all it took. I immediately bought a juicer and went vegan. Within 1 month, I dropped 30 pounds and in 1 year, I lost a total of 90 pounds! It sounds but the fat literally melted off!!! I always stuck to the same recipe. 2 apples, 1 orange, 2 large carrots, 4 kale leaves and 2 large handfuls of spinach. As for my vegan diet,it was hard and more expensive but well worth it. I could almost guarantee that this would help anyone get on the right track with their weight, especially if they normally consume a lot of junk like fried food,sweets and soda. When we go back to how our bodies are meant to be fed, we naturally shrink to the size we are meant to be. I’m not saying we are meant to be vegan, because that was just a life decision for myself, but moderation in some areas and excluding other things, such as soda is a must!!

Glenn was in an accident with a hockey puck that made it so his mouth had to be wired shut! While he was going through recovery he found that Organifi Protein sustained him in a healthy way where he was able to maintain his muscle mass while still be able to loose weight.

Each stage will add new and healthy additions to your lifestyle that will carry over to each subsequent stage. By the time you start stage 4, the training wheels are off and your new lifestyle is in full-swing!

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On the flip side, you may also get a dose of nutrients that you weren’t getting—especially if you were reaching for a lot of carbs during your regular day-to-day. “Juices are an easy way to have a quick vitamin and nutrient boost since they are readily available in liquid form,” says Santoro. “However, they should be used as a supplement and not as a substitute for a balanced diet.”

Abe, I had the same problem and craved food at night. I wasn’t hungry but just craved food. It’s because eating a snack at night was a habit for me. Habits like that aren’t easy to break and it will take some time to get your body adjusted. You may consider taking a night time tea to help you sleep if things persist. Check in the recipe section of the forum. There is a post that has a few juice recipes that you can eat as a soup. Hope you enjoy!

Some medications interact with certain fruit juices. Always talk to your doctor prior to starting any juicing program to make sure it’s safe and appropriate for you to consume a variety of juices.[23]

The science behind juicing is rather lengthy so I will sum it up for you but provide a reference to read further into the science behind it at the end of this article. When you go on a juice fast you are creating a condition of low concentration of toxic wastes in your circulatory system. The cells will then let go of their toxic wastes along with fats. These wastes and fats get passed out through your urine. To lose weight by juicing, you should have basic understanding that when these toxins are released they lead to a case of toxemia as your system cleanses itself. Sounds bad right? Not really! It’s a natural part of the healing process and you should welcome it. Within a few days to a week your body will be cleansed.

I typically go through 4-6 juices that are each between 16-20 ounces in size. It’s best not to set any certain times to juice, but rather just have a juice when you are hungry. Hunger is your body telling you that you need more nutrients. Cravings are different and not to be confused with hunger. If you have any questions just let me know. I’ll be here. Enjoy your juice!

I am currently on my second day of the Juice fast. Loving it so far, the juice recipes taste great and no bad side effects so far, simply a mild head ache in the morning. I do have a couple concerns though.

Carrots juice is great for weight loss as carrots are low in calories and full of fibre. A tall glass of carrot juice will keep you full until lunch, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted snack attacks. It had also been recommended that the best way to have carrots is in its raw form. Therefore, juicing it up could be a great idea. Carrot juice is also known increase bile secretion which helps in burning fat thus aiding weight loss. Add an apple, half an orange and some ginger to make a wonderful detox drink that will flush out all the toxins. 

But will I gain it all back once I stop juicing? If you go straight back to your old eating habits you probably will gain some weight back. Most juicers I have talked to have not gained that weight back. When you juice for an extended period of time your appetite will diminish and you will not be able to eat as much as you used to. Once you decide to stop juicing and go back to solids there are ways to do it correctly. The majority of your diet should contain at least 80% raw vegetables and fruit. You will still need to watch what you eat and not gorge yourself on heavy foods. Losing weight is easy if you stick to juicing for a few weeks. Give it try and give me some feedback on your experience with juicing. I hope you enjoyed reading how to lose weight by juicing. I’d love to hear your feedback.

The effects of too much sugar or fructose can be likened to the effects of alcohol: It severely taxes and overloads the organ, leading to potential liver damage. Juicers should be conscious of this because many pre-packaged juices found at the store contain high amounts of sugar. “Homemade juice recipes also call for multiple servings of fruit to help make the drink taste more appealing, but this increases the sugar content,” says White.

The best part of chia seeds is it has only 137 calories per ounce and 12 grams of carbohydrates. And out of that 12, 10.6 grams is dietary fiber that isn’t digested. When you do the math, the true carb content is only 2 grams which is pretty low.

Don’t sent yourself a time goal, set yourself a weight goal and take it day by day till you reach your goal. I wish you all the best Sel. Keep me posted in your progress. I’m here If you need me! Cheers!

Natalie, thank you for your report. Came at the right time for me. I m also 47 and I also have hashimoto condition… Was trying to get my mind ready for a reboot for a long time.. Even made few attempts…unseccssful…well attempts were successful but right after reboot I was going back to poor eating habits …was thinking about it this morning…the hardest thing is to start…also as you mention smaller goals are important too…your report is a sign to me…the universe is screaming and I shouldn’t ignore it…well thank you again…

I have been juicing on and off for several months now, I also exercise at least an hour on three days of the week, I don’t think that the exercise is required, but it just feels right. I lose weight almost immediately, I can see the difference as soon as the next morning. This is a challenging thing to do, but well worth it, I fight weight on a constant, it is no fun. My experience so far is that you have to limit the amount of sugary fruits, your body is just turning them into fat.

The “Beets and Treats” detox is rich in beet juice, which helps to clear bile ailments and cleanse away toxicity throughout the blood and liver. The healthier your liver is, the more it can metabolize fat for quick, simple weight loss.

A juice meal may also be less satisfying because it lacks the fiber, fats and protein that a whole-food meal, such as a large green salad with beans and seeds, provides. If you use the juice to replace one meal, you may end up consuming more calories later in the day because it leaves you hungrier — undermining your weight-loss efforts. If you do a juice fast, you may find the deprivation maddening and impossible to maintain. Even if you do manage to stick to a cleanse for three to seven days — or longer — you’re more likely to binge on all the foods you’ve been trying to avoid once it’s over. This could result in gaining back all the weight you lost in an unhealthy yo-yo pattern.

Gage, congrats on day 4 of your juice fast. I’m glad you’re feeling great! You can’t eat any solids while on the fast. If you’re just working out and exercising the protein in the juice will be enough. If you’re weight lifting and trying to build muscle then you may consider a protein supplement such as an unflavored protein isolate to add to your juices. You should work on hitting your weight goal first and then after a week or two start your exercise routines. This way your body can adjust and finish out the detox phase. During the first week it’s best to get as much rest as possible and not work your body too much. Let me know if you have any questions.

The juices you consume for weight loss aren’t the jugs of orange juice or fruit punch you pick up in the grocery store. Juicing for weight loss has you using a home juicer to press pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables and create concoctions rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Alternatively, you may purchase cold-pressed juices at a premium price to replace meals. These natural juices contain no added sugar, preservatives, unwanted fats or excess sodium. When made mostly with green vegetables, such as kale, celery and cucumber, they are also low in calories.

The best juicing recipes for weight loss, should always include ingredients from the cruciferous vegetables list.  By giving your body the tools it needs to fight against xenoestrogens, nudging detoxification in the right direction and helping with hormonal balance, cruciferous vegetables are uniquely positioned to promote fat loss in your body.

Now for the nitty gritty. We enlisted the help of several nutritionists to get a feel for the kinds of things that can happen to the human body when embarking on a juice cleanse. What they came back with is essential reading for you or anyone you know who is thinking about being the conspicuously abstaining-from-food friend for a few days. If you get through the list and decide maybe you’ve changed your mind, consider jump-starting your weight loss with our brand-new book Zero Belly Smoothies instead—or gulp down some detox water on the way home from your shiny new workout digs.

Kale is great for you, but eating exclusively kale (or kale smoothies) can have some downsides. See, your body needs some carbohydrates to function normally. And it’s really hard to get all the carbs you need from veggies alone. And this can have some weird side effects (more on that in a bit).

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